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Guarantee & Return Policy

We Guarantee Our Plants!  


We strive to be your destination for all your plant and gardening tool needs. We take great pride in the quality of our live specimens, products, and soils and are here to assist you even in the worst-case scenario. Read on for further information about our guarantee and return policy!  

outdoor landscaping plants

Outdoor Landscaping Plants

Outdoor landscaping plants are guaranteed for 2 years for a 50% back, one-time replacement value towards another plant.*

bedding and indoor plants

Bedding & Indoor Plants

Bedding and indoor plants are guaranteed for 30 days for a 50% back, one-time replacement value towards another plant.*

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Bought one too many? No worries! You are welcome to bring back recently purchased products in sellable condition for a 100% refund.*

How our guarantee works

We guarantee our plants to help everyone achieve their backyard paradise. Even plants that die due to circumstances beyond our control, such as a mower, chemical damage, neglect, planting too deep, over-watering, Acts of God (freeze, wind, hail, flood), or even if your dog digs it up!

Just bring in the dead plant* and your receipt (or phone number to access your loyalty account) for plant diagnosis, advice, and to receive the credit towards a new plant. 



*Some circumstances allow for a picture of the plant to be sufficient enough to receive credit. Questions? Give us a call! 407-738-4319

*Exclusions may apply. Questions? Give us a call! 407-738-4319


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