The Significance of Releasing Butterflies at a Special Event

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Weddings, birthdays, graduations and even funerals are important milestones that mark a new chapter in a person’s life. Often, these major events are commemorated with a get-together, food and perhaps photos to document the occasion. However, as time goes by, you may find yourself doing, saying and taking pictures of all the same things. How, then, do you ensure that a special event is memorable and unique? Releasing butterflies into the wild is a wonderful way to pay tribute to any important moment in life. Butterflies have major significance in many cultures and faiths, and their release can prove symbolic and meaningful in different ways.

The Hidden Meaning of Butterflies

Butterflies are often considered beautiful representations of the various stages of life. From a humble beginning in their caterpillar stage to their dramatic transformation into a butterfly, these creatures demonstrate that pain, adversity or simple change can make life even more beautiful than before.

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Many cultures equate the butterfly with the endurance and hope of the human soul. In some Judeo-Christian traditions, butterflies can even represent resurrection. For this reason, butterflies hold a special significance when seen at funerals. Ancient inhabitants of Mexico held butterflies in such high regard that they even constructed a palace dedicated to them outside Mexico City called the Palace of the Mariposa. Though it’s unknown which tribal group constructed it, it’s clear the butterfly represented flame and the harmony between fire and water. This reverence for nature, harmony and balance is especially meaningful at marriage ceremonies.

Releasing Butterflies for Your Event

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With so much cultural and ideological weight, the butterfly has grown into a symbolic representation of all the positive things in life. People across the world have utilized the butterfly’s symbolism and delicate, breathtaking beauty to create a special moment at their events. When released at funerals, butterflies can represent the deceased’s soul fluttering into the afterlife or hope for the future. At weddings, releasing butterflies can demonstrate the start of a new chapter of the couple’s lives and positive change. At graduation parties, they may display how education has matured and transformed the graduate into an adult with a bright future.

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Monarch Butterfly

No matter the event, butterfly releases are a stunning and touching way to pay tribute and symbolically welcome change. Butterflies possess fluid, flexible significance. They can represent whatever you’d like.

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