Transforming Your Yard with Pottery

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Many Americans don’t have a spacious enough backyard to accommodate their dream garden. Whether they’re vegetables or flowers, plant life can take up a significant percentage of your outdoor space, potentially crowding or cluttering what little you may have. Keep the grass you have intact or lighten up your drab apartment balcony with planting pots!

Why Are Pots a Great Choice For My Yard?

Plant lovers often find that the perfect garden requires a major commitment of time, effort, and space. But what do you do when you live in an apartment or have little to no backyard? Rather than accepting a dreary yard with no color or growth, gardeners can turn to pottery planting to get their green thumb fix.

One of the main appeals of pottery planting is the saving of yard or balcony space. Rather than spread out horizontally across yards of grass, pots allow you to build your garden vertically by stacking pots, attaching them to a wall or placing them on a railing. Pots can store as much soil as your flowers and veggies need but may be utilized in uniquely space-saving ways.

Pots also provide a great outlet for creativity. Either as an arts and crafts project for children or a crafting hobby for adults, pots are an ideal canvas for personalization with glitter, paint or other fun materials. Decorate them before you plant for a gardening solution that’s even more “you.”


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How Do I Plant in Pots?

Pottery planting isn’t as complicated as it may seem. Just like a gardening bed, plants still need drainage, sunlight, proper watering, and other gardening essentials.

Before you plant, check to ensure your pot has drainage holes in the bottom. If excess water is retained for too long the plants will rot, so it’s vital that extra moisture is allowed to drain as quickly as possible. If your pot doesn’t have drainage holes, you can easily drill your own into the bottom with a masonry drill bit.

Drainage holes can be blocked by soil if you don’t prepare your pot before planting. Add large pieces of rock or broken pots to the bottom of the pot to support the soil and allow the extra water room to flow out of the holes.

Depending upon the plants you choose to grow, the materials you fill your pot with may vary. Plants with relatively shallow roots will do well with a thinner layer of soil than those with deeper roots.

After you finish preparing your clean pots, you can experiment with your creativity! Be sure you choose appropriate flowers or vegetables for the amount of light you have and the space the pot provides.

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Pottery planting can be just as exciting and fun as traditional flower bed gardening with the right preparation and expertise. If you’re ready to brighten up your outdoor space with some potted plants, look to the planting and pottery experts at Lukas Nursery and Butterfly Encounter! Lukas Nursery offers the region’s largest selection of plain and decorated pots for plants of all sizes, as well as hundreds of unique plants to choose from. Contact us online or call 407-365-6163 to find out more about our available styles.