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Florida Native Plants


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As Floridians know, the weather can change on an hour-by-hour basis. For the safety of our staff and customers, we may close unexpectedly for inclement or severe weather conditions.

Florida Native Plants

Here is a partial list of some of the Florida Native plants that we offer, subject to seasonality and availability. Be sure to CONTACT US for our current inventory availability.
Bacopa- Bacopa monnieri
Bald Cypress- Taxodium distichum
Beautyberry- Callicarpa americana
Black-eyed Susan- Rudbeckia
Carolina Jasmine- Gelsemium sempervirens
Cinnamon Bark- Canella winterana
Coontie Palm- Zamia floridana
Coral Honeysuckle- Lonicera sempervirens
Coreopsis- Coreopsis
Crossvine- Bignonia capreolata
Darrow’s Blueberry- Vaccinium darrowii
Dune/Beach Sunflower- Helianthus debilis
Dwarf Yaupon Holly- Ilex vomitoria
Eastern Redbud- Cercis canadensis
Elderberry- Sambucus nigra
Fakahatchee Grass- Tripsacum dactyloides
Firebush- Hamelia patens
Frog Fruit- Phyla nodiflora
Goldenrod ‘Seaside- Solidago sempervirens
Highbush Blueberry- Vaccinium corymbosum
Horsetail Reed- Equisetum hyemale
Laurel Oak- Quercus laurifolia
Liatris ‘Kobold- Liatris spicata
Live Oak- Quercus virginiana
Loblolly Pine- Pinus taeda
Milkweed ‘Aquatic- Asclepias perennis
Milkweed ‘Butterfly Weed- Asclepias tuberosa
Milkweed ‘Narrowleaf- Asclepias fascicularis
Milkweed ‘Swamp- Asclepias incarnata
Milkweed ‘Whorled- Asclepias verticillata
Needle Palm- Rhapidophyllum hystrix
Oak Leaf Hydrangea- Hydrangea quercifolia
Passion Vine ‘Corky Stem- Passiflora suberosa
Passion Vine ‘Maypop- Passiflora incarnata
Petunia ‘Wild/Florida- Ruellia caroliniensis
Phlox- Phlox
Prickly-pear Cactus- Opuntia
Purple Coneflower- Echinacea purpurea
Red Maple- Acer rubrum
River Birch- Betula nigra
Sand Cordgrass- Spartina bakeri
Saw Palmetto- Serenoa repens
Seagrape- Coccoloba uvifera
Silver Buttonwood- Conocarpus erectus sericeus
Simpson’s Stopper- Myrcianthes fragrans
Snow Squarestem, Salt n Pepper- Melanthera nivea
Sunshine Mimosa ‘Sensitive Plant- Mimosa strigillosa
Swamp Twinflower- Dyschoriste humistrata
Tea Bush- Melochia tomentosa
Trumpet Vine- Campsis radicans
Tulip Poplar- Liriodendron tulipifera
Walter’s Viburnum- Viburnum obovatum
Water-lily- Nymphaeaceae
Wax Myrtle- Myrica cerifera
Wild Coffee- Psychotria nervosa
Winged Elm- Ulmus alata
Yarrow- Achillea millefolium

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