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Ditch the Lawn Mower: Unique Lawn Alternatives

During the summer, the last thing you want to do is go outside to mow your lawn for an hour or two in the blistering heat. That’s time you could have spent actually enjoying it instead! If you find yourself dreading the yard chores,


The Significance of Releasing Butterflies at a Special Event

  Weddings, birthdays, graduations and even funerals are important milestones that mark a new chapter in a person’s life. Often, these major events are commemorated with a get-together, food and perhaps photos to document the occasion. However, as time goes by, you may find yourself doing, saying and taking pictures of all the same things.…

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Caring For Your Lawn During the Summer

Summer means you can enjoy your favorite activities outdoors again. From hiking to playing in the yard with your family, the warmth and sunlight of the season are the perfect accompaniment for outdoor fun. With the heat and prolonged sun exposure, however, come the responsibilities of yard care. Summer is the perfect time to get…

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Growing Plants in the Florida Summer

With the stifling heat and humidity, a Florida summer doesn’t seem like the most inviting season to plant and cultivate a flourishing garden. Fortunately, there are some species of plant that actually flourish in our climate and soil. Choose from some of these vegetables, herbs and flowers to create a beautiful summer garden you’re sure…


NEW Spring Arrivals

Giant Pool Floats, Micro Fairy Gardens, Gourmet Teas, Honey and more – the Butterfly Encounter Gift Shop is bursting with new arrivals for spring! See some of our favorites, here.


NEW Travelon Anti-Theft Bags

Available in a variety of styles and designs, featuring – Slash-Resistant Body Panels, Locking Compartments, Slash-Resistant Straps and RFID Blocking Slots and Pockets. See More


NEW Outdoor Décor

NEW handcrafted sculptures, décor and furniture have arrived at the Butterfly Encounter Gift Shop – including, one-of-a-kind planters, dog houses and coolers fashioned from 44-gallon drums! See More



Stunning new succulent arrangements and designs have arrived at the Tropical Greenhouse! See More


IN BLOOM: Tabebuia Trees

People are asking about the beautiful Tabebuia trees blooming around town! Also known as Trumpet Tree, we carry the best three varieties to thrive in Central and South Florida. These eye-catching golden and lavender/pink varieties are rapid growing, cold hardy, drought tolerant, tough – and start at only $19.99!


JUST IN: Grow Gardens

“Discover the adventure in your own backyard” and “Grow happiness in small spaces” with Sunny Side Up Gardens and Grow Gardens! A family-fun activity – Backyard Safari Company Egg Carton Gardening Kits make growing plants in small spaces, a success, even for the novice gardener. See more on kids gardening with Sunny Side Up Gardens, here!