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earth day wrigglebrew

Earth Day Sustainable Gardening with WriggleBrew

Sunday, April 21st @ 10am

WriggleBrew CEO Sam Baker will go over important sustainable gardening topics such as earthworms, organic fertilizing, and their groundbreaking research on microplastic elimination. WriggleBrew is an Orlando-based startup led by a group of recent UCF graduates aimed at ending fertilizer runoff and soil degradation by replacing polluting petrochemical fertilizers with a novel organic alternative.

Tickets required. Limited table seating available.

fruit tree seminar

Fruit Tree Seminar

Saturday, April 20th @ 10am

Want to grow your own edible backyard paradise? Discover the secrets to nurturing fruit trees and maximizing your harvest with guidance from our Certified Horticulturists! From pest and disease ID to nurturing their growth and ensuring robust health, our team of fruit tree specialists will equip you with the essential knowledge for establishing your personal fruit tree haven.

Tickets required. Limited table seating available.

native container garden

Native Container Gardening Make & Take Workshop

Saturday, April 27th @ 10am

Join our Certified Horticulturists for a make-and-take educational workshop where you will learn about native plants, the benefits of growing natives, and take home your very own flowering native container garden. With the tools we have to give you, your flower pot will be the talk of the hive! Pollinators love native flowers and we can't wait to see what cool little creatures your native container gardens will attract.

Tickets required. Limited table seating available.

Paint a Pot (2160 x 1080 px)

Paint a Pot with Mom for Mother's Day!

Saturday, May 11th @ 10am
Sunday, May 12th @ 10am

Create a personalized plant pot for mom! Whether you're a mother looking to enjoy some plant time with your kids, a dad wanting the kids to craft something special for mom, a support person, or all of the above - everyone is welcome to join in the fun! Each ticket will give you a kit including an 8" terracotta pot, 2 annual flowers, paint supplies, and an idea booklet!

Tickets required. Limited table seating available.

houseplant care

Houseplant Care for Beginners

Saturday, May 18th @ 10am

Do you have a habit of killing your houseplants? Not anymore! Join us on Saturday, May 18th at 10 am for an educational seminar on how to keep your house plants alive and thriving. From monstera to calathea, you will receive plenty of planty information - so bring a pen! School is in session!

Tickets required. Limited table seating available.


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More Happenings at Lukas Nursery!


8th Annual Christmas Charity Benefit

  Lukas Nursery & Butterfly Encounter is proud to host its eighth annual Christmas Charity Benefit, supporting charities in Central Florida. One hundred percent of the net proceeds from all Christmas Tree sales in 2018 will be donated to Brighter Lipstick, Bigger Earrings, Inc. , HOPE Helps, Inc. , and Redeeming Life Outreach Ministries, Inc.


Cold Damage in Your Lawn and Landscape?

Lawn Care Tip Now that the cold is gone, you will start to see the damage that’s been done to your St. Augustine or Zoysia lawn. Pictured is an example of how frost and freezing temperatures can knock back a healthy, lush green St. Augustine lawn. Here’s what you need to do to help your…


7th Annual Christmas Charity Benefit

Lukas Nursery & Butterfly Encounter is proud to host its seventh annual Christmas Charity Benefit, supporting charities in Central Florida. One hundred percent of the net proceeds from all Christmas Tree and Poinsettias sales in 2017 will be donated to Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Florida , Brighter Lipstick, Bigger Earrings, Inc. , HOPE…


Transforming Your Yard with Pottery

Many Americans don’t have a spacious enough backyard to accommodate their dream garden. Whether they’re vegetables or flowers, plant life can take up a significant percentage of your outdoor space, potentially crowding or cluttering what little you may have. Keep the grass you have intact or lighten up your drab apartment balcony with planting pots!


Oviedo Weekend Activities for the Kids

  The weekends are the perfect time for children and their families to reinforce the past week’s school lessons and explore activities in and around their home town. Whether you prefer indoor or outdoor educational fun, there are many things happening this weekend for kids in Oviedo and the surrounding Central Florida area.

Crazy workman covered with instruments driving lawn mower

Ditch the Lawn Mower: Unique Lawn Alternatives

During the summer, the last thing you want to do is go outside to mow your lawn for an hour or two in the blistering heat. That’s time you could have spent actually enjoying it instead! If you find yourself dreading the yard chores,


The Significance of Releasing Butterflies at a Special Event

  Weddings, birthdays, graduations and even funerals are important milestones that mark a new chapter in a person’s life. Often, these major events are commemorated with a get-together, food and perhaps photos to document the occasion. However, as time goes by, you may find yourself doing, saying and taking pictures of all the same things.…

Two little kids boys playing with a garden hose water sprinkler

Caring For Your Lawn During the Summer

Summer means you can enjoy your favorite activities outdoors again. From hiking to playing in the yard with your family, the warmth and sunlight of the season are the perfect accompaniment for outdoor fun. With the heat and prolonged sun exposure, however, come the responsibilities of yard care. Summer is the perfect time to get…

Two Young Girls Playing in Wooden House

Growing Plants in the Florida Summer

With the stifling heat and humidity, a Florida summer doesn’t seem like the most inviting season to plant and cultivate a flourishing garden. Fortunately, there are some species of plant that actually flourish in our climate and soil. Choose from some of these vegetables, herbs and flowers to create a beautiful summer garden you’re sure…


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Giant Pool Floats, Micro Fairy Gardens, Gourmet Teas, Honey and more – the Butterfly Encounter Gift Shop is bursting with new arrivals for spring! See some of our favorites, here.

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